We have always focused on comprehensive development of production, learning and research, the team small but fine. 4 master of management personnel, 15 workers formed a young team with an average age of 30. We also attach great importance to intellectual property rights, an independent sound research and development quality control teams, to help the customer needs. In building and fostering research and development team as well as with the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of agricultural sciences, College of animal science and technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, Shanghai Institute of several research institutions have signed a cooperation agreement to jointly carry out research and development to realize the sharing of research results.
    At present, Jiangsu Lian Yi has 2 invention patents and 8 patent for utility model. Is as follows:
1, a method for preparing pets attractant
2 skeleton production, utilization of chicken flavored chicken soup and chicken powder for pet methods
3, convenient and practical pet food storage container
4 adjustable pet feed mixer
5, a processed pet food cooling dryer
6, quantitative use of pet food storage box
7, families and practical pet feed particle separator
8, pet food storage and filter
9, pet feed moisture mold storage case
10, pet feeding Kit
Meanwhile, lianyi team wins:
1) approved the second batch of "Jiangsu provincial high-tech SMEs";
2) grant for a city-level Engineering Research Center for pet food, in the papers at the provincial level;
3) Nanjing Agricultural University graduate trainee workstations.
Quality control
    Benefits depending on the quality and safety of products for life, in strict accordance with the quality management system HACCP, FSSC's request for production and control. For each batch of products from inspection in addition to the physical-chemical indices and micro-organisms, but also entrust a qualified third party inspection agency for items such as heavy metals and drug residues detected and issue a report on a regular basis.
(Intertek Putney SGS Lion) (LOGO)
Quality control management indicators
Product acceptance rate of 100%
Product inspection and quarantine 100% pass rate
Ensure there is no food safety incident
Customer satisfaction of over 99%


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