The afternoon of April 24, Fu Ziying, Vice Governor in xuyi County, "three-three" resident during the research activities at sea, Vice President Enterprise Group Chairman Huang Hongliang, Wang Tong Yuxiang, the company leadership vision, accompanied by, going to our pet food production and processing base permanent industry and trade limited company of Jiangsu Province research. Provincial Government Deputy Secretary-General fangwei, Vice Secretary of municipal party Committee and Mayor of Huaian Qu Futian, municipal Committee, the propaganda Minister, the Municipal Government of Huaian party member Chen Tao, and xuyi County Leeson, County leaders have participated in research activities.

Governor visited Fu Heng Wah factory, and in-depth workshops, and heads of factories and workshops, exchange of foreign representatives in the field to conduct on-site, on our main pet food products production process, standard process, and raw materials supply and other aspects of a comprehensive understanding of the market.


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