• Employees actively participate in voluntary blood ...2015-03-28
    Blood is known as the "River of life", the existence of life and without it. Blood is a person's most precious gifts to another person---the gift of life. Volunteer blood donors, giving more than just a love, but can save another person's life. In the run-up to the Youth Olympic Games, in response to the call of national voluntary blood donation, relieve summer blood strained situation in Nanjing
  • Company leaders launched the love donation2015-03-28
    On September 10, 2014, company leaders love to the xuyi country impoverished school students donation activities. Company each donor people commissioned unions Deputy President Lu Kun, and food engineering career Department operations director Gao representative Company visiting xuyi County, GUI five Center elementary school, site to school library donation small students extracurricular books 200 this


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