On September 10, 2014, company leaders love to the xuyi country impoverished school students donation activities. Company each donor people commissioned unions Deputy President Lu Kun, and food engineering career Department operations director Gao representative Company visiting xuyi County, GUI five Center elementary school, site to school library donation small students extracurricular books 200 this, to five name family poverty born sent shàng new bag, and to school donation cash for paid five bit poverty family students of uniforms fee, and students insurance and subscription extracurricular magazine of costs, hopes can help children were helped, with love common achievements children were of academic, with enthusiastic warm children were of soul.

School principal Li Guangxi company employees love to me thank five outstanding graduate students will learn, determined to become, to serve the community. Mandarin school business office to set up a fund account, recorded expenditure detail, promising to inform donor grant usage on a regular basis. Five-stricken comrade head teacher and five town unions Pang Biao GUI witnessed the transfer of donated goods. Donors on behalf of Comrade Lu Kun will periodically communicate with the students of class contact finance tracking, timely understanding of students ' ideological and moral and lesson learning.


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