At present, Jiangsu Lian Yi has 2 invention patents and 8 patent for utility model.
Is as follows:
1, a method for preparing pets attractant
2 skeleton production, utilization of chicken flavored chicken soup and chicken powder for pet methods
3, convenient and practical pet food storage container
4 adjustable pet feed mixer
5, a processed pet food cooling dryer
6, quantitative use of pet food storage box
7, families and practical pet feed particle separator
8, pet food storage and filter
9, pet feed moisture mold storage case
10, pet feeding Kit
Meanwhile, lianyi team wins:
1) approved the second batch of "Jiangsu provincial high-tech SMEs";
2) grant for a city-level Engineering Research Center for pet food, in the papers at the provincial level;
3) Nanjing Agricultural University graduate trainee workstations.


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